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“Stay Up” - Poor Traits | Review

“Stay Up” by Poor Traits is a pop rock song that reminds me that life is full of adventures.

Vocalist Alex Badger’s tone is sweet but edgy in a way that grabs your attention immediately. Poor Traits showcase incredible skills on bass and guitar, adding complexity to the melodies in the song. All together, they create an irresistible, dancy beat. Badger’s head voice and high notes display great vocal control and they add to that dreamy vibe created by the lyrics. The song follows two young lovers on a night out dancing. Fully immersed in the honeymoon stage they say, “you’re all I’ve ever known, you’re all I wanna know.”

Poor Traits explained that the inspiration for the song was the first time Alex Badger did MDMA with her boyfriend, and they danced the night away. The experience reshaped her view of the world and has had lasting positive effects. You can hear that unique, pure joy that only comes from a carefree night out with the person you trust the most in this song.

Poor Traits is a female-fronted alternative indie pop/rock group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was formed in 2014 by band members Alex Badger (Vocals), Taylor Roberds (Guitar), and Kyle Thomas (Bass.) They self record and produce their own music and release it independently. They demonstrate the depth of their sound by pouring their hearts out and putting that soul into their music.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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