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“Stay on Me’ - SHUFFALO | Review

“Stay on Me” by SHUFFALO is an indie rock song that has stolen my heart.

The song starts off with a bluesy beginning, with soulful vocals and snaps that drive the beat forward. The powerful, smooth guitar solos bring so much energy into the song. This song is full of components - a strong beat, addicting vocals, bass, and synths - and they compliment each other and strengthen the song as a whole. Just by listening, I can tell how complex it is. What also caught my attention was vocalists’ impressive high notes that are heaven to listen to. The strong, emotional lyrics add another element by creating a rebellious vibe of someone overcoming struggle.

Shuffalo is a Canadian band made up of 4 members: Brayden Bell - Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys, Bailey Clarke - Bass Guitar / Vocals / Synth, Steve MacDonald - Keys / Vocals / Guitars / Percussion, and Mac Bennett - Drums / Percussion. They are known for their profound melodies and empathetic lyrics that inspire thoughts on spiritualism, reality, love, and adventure in their listeners. Shuffalo considers their sound to be a cross between City and Colour and The Killers but formed up in Canada’s Rocky Mountains.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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