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"Stay Longer" - AUBREY |Review

Labeling her creative endeavors as “songs about the sad thoughts,” Aubrey certainly doesn’t disappoint with her latest release.

As a musical journey that cannot be fully appreciated from a single listen, “Stay Longer” embodies a darker sound through its layered yet blaring instrumental that doesn’t stray too many miles away from the alternative styles of Lorde and Billie Eilish.

Unlike these songwriters who create their narratives by mentioning specific details, Aubrey’s newest track takes a generalized approach with straightforward lyrics, such as “Could you stay a little longer / before my light grows darker,” that speaks to any listeners who are struggling to deal with the loneliness of social distancing.

“Stay Longer” might not be sitting at the top of the charts as a viral Tik Tok hit, but Aubrey’s latest release definitely has the potential to gain its own popularity among the same teenagers who are nostalgic for the moody music scene that dominated the early 2010s.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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