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“Stay In” - Cait | Review

Hand us a margarita, this is the quarantine summer anthem we needed. “Stay In” by Cait is a singer-songwriter pop song that is an introverts’ paradise. Need any date ideas? Look no further because these sound like heaven to me.

Cait melds her hypnotizing head voice with the sweet guitar opening beautifully. The lyrics combined with her soft tone make it sound just like a dream. The artist talks about valuing quality time with her lover over group social plans that can be overwhelming. She mentions our human tendency to attach ourselves to our phones and participate in plans we don't really enjoy, all because of our fear of missing out. What a great message paired with a refreshing sound.

Cait was born in Madison, Wisconsin but has since made Los Angeles her home. She enhanced her skills at Berklee College of Music and has become a true Renaissance woman. She writes and independently releases her music, and is in charge of designing her artwork, producing her photoshoots, and editing and directing her music videos - the epitome of self-made success. Now if staying in bed sounds better than any party to you too, you have to check this song out.

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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