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“Stars of Juno”- Echo Thrills |Review

Introducing Echo Thrills, a fresh experimental artist that revives old retro and draws from 70’s genres like soul, disco and psychedelic rock. The June 29th release, “Stars of Juno”, embodies themes of escapism and a carefree attitude, and it successfully builds upon the dreamscape introduced in the first single “In a Dream”. Both of these singles are from Echo Thrills’ debut EP "Destination Utopia”, set for release the 31st of August this year.

Oskar Jennefors, the artist behind Echo Thrills, brought “Stars of Juno” to life while experimenting with a juno 106 synth. With the drumbeat on hand and his brother on guitar, “the rest just followed”. The whole EP cites artist inspirations like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kaytranada, and Chic to name a few, and this jazzy track reflects that blend of genres with its arrangement and instrumentation.

The song’s trippy intro already has us hooked, as if we just stumbled through the thin fabric of reality and arrived for this playful rendezvous. Immediately the walking drum beat provides a bounce through the track that, coupled with the juno 106 synth, invites us for a leisurely stroll. Heavy reverb on the vocals make them sound distant and spacey: “The feeling’s right. Stars align tonight”. Stroll evolves into dance as the verse introduces a rhythmic bass that suits it perfectly.

Vocals get even better at the chorus. The melodic line flies up and steps its way back down, while cheery synths support it underneath.

Listen for the funky wah-wah effects made by the picked guitar, especially as it interacts with the bass through the interlude after the chorus. A repeated verse and chorus maintain variation by moving the bass and other elements around in the second verse. Oskar Jennefors notes that he used these elements as reminiscent of 90’s disco house and Chicago house. This interlude is certainly one of the track’s key sections that encapsulate Echo Thrills’ light exploratory theme.

The best lead into the second chorus happens as the kick starts off prominent, reduces to half time, then leaves completely before we hear, “we are taking off tonight”. In response, our chorus returns with full funky enthusiasm, complete with its bass and wah-wah guitar.

More guitar and vocal elements sound almost improvisatory at the repeated chorus. We hear the bass’s motif through the outro, wrapping up the song in a neat bow and dropping us back into the real world.

Oskar Jennefors is a producer from Stockholm who cites additional inspiration for the Echo Thrills sound from artists such as Toro Y Moi, Roy Ayers, BADBADNOTGOOD and Kool & the Gang. Listeners to artists like IDKHow will fall in love with his mystical sound. He is currently working on his second EP, so keep an ear out after the release of his next single, “Birds”, and “Destination Utopia” this August.

The six-song debut EP will be glittering.

Written by Cameron Nguyen

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