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“Stardust” - J.O.Y x Dan Bravo | Review

“Stardust” by J.O.Y and Dan Bravo is a neo-soul, RnB song that is the product of a match made in heaven.

J.O.Y’s hypnotizing vocals mixed with Dan Bravo's strong beat and production skills have created a bop akin to recent hits by the Weeknd. The song as a whole creates a mellow but catchy vibe that tells the story of someone who would go to the moon and back for their partner. The deep lyrics also tackle the human tendency for someone to constantly be distracted and searching for something better, when in the end we should appreciate what we have - the good and bad.

J.O.Y (Judgement Of Yesterday) was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany under the birth name Okhan Unver. In his early youth, J.O.Y was inspired by the urban music wave from the U.S. and tried himself out in the field of rap. By initially writing his own bars in German and recording himself in his self established music studio at home, he later figured out for himself that it feels more comfortable and natural to sing in English rather than to rap. With his clear and soothing voice he found his musical home in the genre of RnB!

Dan Bravo is a producer from Oslo, Norway. He began his career by DJ’ing for 10 years before wanting to learn something new - producing! The collaboration between J.O.Y and Dan Bravo began when Dan reached out to J.O.Y on Facebook. J.O.Y was impressed by Dan’s work as a producer and they quickly decided to create their first single together, “Can’t Stop” in 2019. I look forward to more songs created by this duo!

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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