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“Stand Up” - Carmanah | Review

“Stand Up” by Carmanah is an indie pop song that is one big, warm hug for anyone who stands up for a cause they believe in. Unless of course you stand for hate.

The sweet guitar opening immediately transports you to the mossy woods, to the point where you can almost hear the river gently flowing in your imagination. The melodic vocals, heavenly tone, and whistling create an earthy, wholesome vibe. The lyrics are a sort of call to action that incorporates a bit of humor as they slip in a single curse word at the end. “As long as you stand for something we’ll be proud, unless you stand for hate then sit your ass back down,” they say. What an enjoyable song, with an important message that spreads love and activism.

Carmanah is a Canadian band based in Victoria, British Columbia. Their lineup consists of vocalist Laura Mina Mitic, guitarist and vocalist Pat Ferguson, keyboardist Mike Baker, bassist Jamil Demers, drummer Graham Keehn and backup vocalist Lo Waight. Producer Gus Van Go fittingly described their sound as “West Coast Soul” as their songs share a reverence and respect for humanity and the earth. They’ve been ambassadors for The Jellyfish Project, an educational and movement-building environmental organization represented by a global coalition of musicians; and they have been touring in a retrofitted vegetable-oil driven tour bus, an ambitious project that Ferguson himself has taken on in his own backyard. Woven into their music is contemporary comment on the current political climate, environmental issues and the human condition; “I get really excited when I think about music as a way to spark action,” Mitic explains.”

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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