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“Stacey” - HighSchool Jacob | Review

“Stacey” by HighSchool Jacob is a catchy electro-indie song that you’ll find yourself playing on repeat for hours.

This electro-indie song gives off a satisfying, soothing “Last Dinosaurs” vibe. Its relatable lyrics tell the tale of a high school romance from the “simp” stage, to the humorous attempt at flirting, to the romantic conquest that brightens the main character’s entire world. The well-placed background sound effects and beat transport you into a hazy universe, pleasantly blinded by love. This catchy beat has an irresistible vibe that you can’t help but dance along to it.

HighSchool Jacob is an alternative pop artist based out of Los Angeles, California. His signature music encompasses some form of storytelling. This artist graduated from Wesleyan College as both a music and history major. He was always performing in other bands but was inspired to write his own music. Highschool Jacob began as an after school musical opportunity for the artist to play his own music for once at shows. With the help of Sean Eads, the artist has been releasing music since 2017, with his most recent release being “Can't Get Enough” in 2019. What a fitting name because we cannot get enough of his new song.



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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