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“Springsteen” - Kelaska | Review

The first release off of her upcoming EP, “Nostalgia”, Kelaska brings a beautiful pop-rock track “Springsteen”.

Her first single, “Springsteen,” features a strong pop vocal infused with a catchy 70s synth over some eerie dolphin sounds. The outro to the song features samples of birds singing, taken in the woods behind her house. The track captures this sense of nostalgia which is clearly a theme for this artist. I love that there is an element of newness with her very pop vocals so the track feels fresh. “Springsteen” is a track that is the feeling of hearing a song that reminds you of somebody you're trying to forget. The feeling of thinking you are okay with the loss until the memories come back to haunt you with a simple melody.

Kelaska is a Connecticut based singer-songwriter. Her passion for singing started at the age of three, begging to sing any chance she got. By her junior year of high school, she started to discover and fall in love with music from the 60s and 70s; falling asleep to The Beatles every night and waking up with them every morning. After high school, she picked up the guitar and piano, as well as any instrument she could get her hands on. She began uploading cover songs to youtube, and later released three stand-alone singles. After taking some time to really break down her musical style and evolve her sound, she created her debut six-song EP, Nostalgia. Kelaska continues to deliver authentic singer-songwriter stories while coloring the airwaves with vivid lyrics and creative melodies. Nostalgia will be available to stream everywhere on September 4th.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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