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Spring Singles to Watch

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Crossing Corners - Kyle Meadows

Indie singer-songwriter Kyle Meadows crafts the perfect springtime indie song with his single, “Crossing Corners.” He originally wrote it in high school, but completely changed the melody and wrote a chorus to make it better fit to the sound he wanted.

On this track, Meadow’s gentle, soothing vocals combine perfectly with the rhythmic guitar, calming piano, and other overall beautiful background instruments. It carries with it a sense of nostalgia to remind the listener of lulling, happy days and killing time with friends under the blazing summer sun.

If you’re looking for a song to get you in the spring/summer mood, I’d recommend this song. You can listen to “Crossing Corners” using this link:

Without Your Love - &around

London-based singer/DJ/producer &around, also known as Sam Simon, has released a new single, “Without Your Love.” This echoey, mystical track surrounds the listener with a beauty blend of sound from literally all over the world. Simon recorded bits of this song on multiple recording devices as he traveled to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam for six months. The different influences of this song are mixed together perfectly with Simon’s masterful production skills to create a chill, beachy uniform instrumental. The vocals are just soft enough to get the listener to focus more on the electronic production, but they still stand out as another enchanting part of this single.

You can listen to “Without Your Love” using this link:

Addicted Heart - The Dot and The Line

The duo The Dot and The Line’s new single, “Addicted Heart,” is absolutely bursting with potential for more listeners. It’s steady beat and floaty vocals create a euphoric, yet chill sound, perfect for late night drives.

Songwriter/lead vocalist Hetty Clark and keyboardist/guitarist/programmer Ned Douglas got the inspiration for this single when walking around the busy streets of foreign cities and wondering about the lives of those they passed by. This curiosity comes out beautifully in “Addicted Heart,” leaving listeners in awe of these musicians ability to create their addicting sound.

You can listen to “Addicted Heart” using this link:

Younger - The Hails

“Younger” truly strives to live up to its title; it carries the endless energy of youth and the excitement that comes with the wonder that comes with every new experience. This Florida-based group brings the feel of its sunny, summery weather straight to the listener with the upbeat, light-hearted manner of the background music and its talk of being young and unafraid. It’s a feel-good track through-and-through and very enjoyable to listen to, especially if you’re missing the carefree vibe of summer.

You can listen to “Younger” using this link:

No Love - Salt Cathedral

Colombian duo Salt Cathedral tropical-inspired track “No Love” delivers beach vibes right to the listener. It’s a song that’s meant to be danced to and recalls the euphoria that comes with moving to the beat of a vibrant track.

Juli and Nico, the two halves of the duo, used “No Love” as a way to spread a message of peace and using our human bodies as vessels for kindness. This song is set to appear on their highly anticipated debut album from Ultra Records.

Listen to “No Love” using this link:

Falling Away - Plutinos

This song masterfully boasts a echoey, acoustic sound with hazy vocals that blend very well with the background music. It’s a perfect rainy day song; its gloomy, mysterious sound invokes a sense of nostalgia that I often associate with looking outside of a window on a rainy day. While slow and simple, “Falling Away” holds a certain depth created by its beautiful fusion of vocal and instruments.

You can listen to “Falling Away” using this link:

Written and Edited by: Tatum Jenkins

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