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“Sorry to the Waitress” - Leah Sykes | Review

This has to be my favorite song of January so far. Leah Sykes has IT!

“Sorry to the Waitress” is this fun blend of pop, rock, and indie music and it is a total earworm. All I want to do is to blast this track in my car and scream the lyrics with the windows down, I am a few more listens away from having all the words down, then I shall bless all the cars around me with this stellar song. The guitar on this track is stunning and completely captures the listener. Sykes has a very witty way about her lyrics and her vocals are just so on point.

Whether you have been the couple arguing in public or the bystander listening in, everyone can find a point of relatability in Leah Sykes next single, Sorry to the Waitress. Sonically and lyrically, Leah evokes the pain and frustration of feeling dismissed in an argument, while no longer allowing the disagreement to go unresolved due to other’s watching eyes.

Leah Sykes grew up in Jacksonville, FL with her 4 siblings. As a swimmer, Leah’s young adult life consisted of going from the locker room music of 50 Cent and Jay-Z to her parent’s mini-van music of James Taylor and John Mayer.

At the age of 12, she bought her brother’s guitar from him for $50 and began writing music.

She played her first show when she was 15, covering both Monster by Eminem (all 3 rap verses) and Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones. While Leah’s distinct influences might seem to contradict each other, there is a defining point that they all share: they tell a story.

At 18, she moved to Nashville to pursue those stories and to pursue those sounds. Having opened for artists such as Jon Bellion, Louis Tomlinson, and Lizzo, Leah understands not only the power of performance, but the power of owning your story and using it to empower others. When listening to Leah Sykes, you can hear her heart as she pours her insecurities, love and failures into the lyrics in that ground between the ‘Locker Room and Mini-Van’.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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