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“Sorry Now” - Crimson Apple | Review

Nothing is stronger than sisters in a pop-rock group. The Hawaiian group Crimson Apple rocks our playlists with their song “Sorry Now” off their new EP “Somebody”.

These sisters are not afraid of the intensity. Honestly seeing a girl group tackle a rock genre and own it is refreshing and a great change from the big girl groups we have come to know. Considering the song title is “Sorry Now” it may be ironic that this song is so unapologetically bad-ass. These girls have nothing to be sorry for. Every song on the EP is equally as addicting to listen to and you will have no problems just keeping it on repeat for hours.

The Benson sisters grew up in a paradise in Hawaii surrounded by a loving family and community who nurtured their talents. Their hometown was a Garden of Eden, but just over yonder big-town success gleamed; the shiny juicy apple of LA called out to them.

The Benson sisters write from their experiences and emotions as they pursue their dreams and ambitions. Crimson Apple is Colby Benson, lead vocals; Shelby Benson, guitar; Carthi Benson, bass; and Faith Benson, drums. Since the band’s inception in 2012, Crimson Apple has shared the stage with such venerated artists and the group’s 2015 debut album, Hello, garnered commercial airing in Hawaii, across the internet, and won them numerous awards.

Crimson Apple has currently signed management and recording deals with the Japanese entertainment powerhouse Amuse Group USA, Inc. (ONE OK ROCK, BABYMETAL, Perfume).

Six days a week you can find the sisters rehearsing, tightening up their performances, writing songs, listening back to shows, or hunched over the computer perfecting arrangements on self-recorded demos. The musicians are also deepening their studies working with A-list instrument and vocal coaches who have worked with such artists as Avenge Sevenfold, Gwen Stefanie, Chester Bennington, and Rhianna, among others. “We are musicians, and not just female musicians, and we want to be the best band we can be,” says Shelby.

For Crimson Apple’s next release, the Benson sisters will collaborate with producer’s who they trust aesthetically, bouncing ideas back and forth and being open to fresh perspectives. In addition, the sisters will be touring regionally and nationally.!

Written and Edited by Hannah Schneider

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