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Song to Catch: 'Like a Painter'

Chenny Britt is an new American singer and songwriter from Boston, MA. His intriguing melodies and love for music have gained him a following of dedicated fans. Chenny's newest track, Like a Painter, is one of many songs in Chenny Britt's debut album, The Drop. Like a Painter came out early 2018 and is his most popular song. Touching topics such as wishing to be noticed and being too nervous to share your feelings, his song is both relatable and modern. Every song has an inspiration and Chenny Britt’s came from his roommate, “My roommate and I were having some “girl problems” in our own lives, and both of us would be venting to each other. I took a lot of our own experiences and crafted that song.” Chenny’s, Like a Painter, is more of a traditional pop/romance song than his others. Chenny himself even admitted, “I think of it as more of a generic pop song,” However, this doesn’t take away from the song’s vibe. With unique percussion playing in the background mixed with Chenny Britt’s vocals, Like a Painter, is a song everyone should listen to. SoundCloud: Spotify: iTunes:

Instagram: @ChennyBritt

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