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"Somewhere, Out There" - James Vickery |Review

If you haven’t heard of James Vickery by now you are truly missing out. I was first introduced to him by his stunning performance on the Youtube channel Colors. If you haven’t seen it check it out.

I have to admit, just like last week’s review I immediately added this other gem to my playlist. “Somewhere, Out There” flows so perfectly…

From Jame’s voice…

To the intrinsic instrumental…

Everything seems to match right on par with each other.

When you look at James you have a hard time pairing him with his voice, but once you get over that hump, you're in for such a fantastic treat. His voice is quite uncanny, one of a kind, and freakishly unique… Just listen to the chorus of the track.

Each wave of vocals match. It’s almost as if he’s saying what is clearly so important to him loudly, but his soft voice makes it calming. Think of a calming, but very important and touching message.

James is a London based R&B singer-songwriter. Some of his musical inspirations include Nao. With a voice like that, that makes perfect sense. James spent a lot of his childhood in hospitals due to a speech impairment. Regarding this he explains; “I found out I could sing almost accidentally - because of speech therapy.”

James has amassed millions of streams throughout his career so far and I don’t see anything holding him back.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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