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Somewhere in Arizona - Elizabeth Hume | Review

Elizabeth Hume hit us with her second single this year ‘Somewhere in Arizona.’ This song is a reflection of experiencing a panic attack and dissociation from reality in the middle of the desert. This song expresses raw emotion and delivers an existential feeling. After one listen I knew I liked this song.

Her beautiful vocals paired with an acoustic guitar and strings makes you feel at peace but then when you listen to the words you realize how deep the song actually is. I would compare Elizabeth Hume to Phoebe Bridgers or Lizzy McAlpine. Haunting but peaceful and dreamy at the same time.

Being from Arizona and having anxiety I really love the message of this song. Lyrics that stuck to me are “Hear myself talk, but I’m not talking /I’m so out of time, can I turn back / Feeling urgent to get out / My mind has been playing games with me / this desert is too dry for my comfort”

Written by Heather Kathryn

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