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“Something Good” - LEONARD | Review

The first single off of a brand new electronic project, “Something Good” is a fun vibey summer listen coming into your playlists to embrace the sunny weather.

The chorus and post chorus drop has some fun Seinfeld slap bass and there is a flute solo in the breakdown. This song is really bringing something new into the electronic and house genre. This song was an instant feel good piece that gives you a bit of a look at this new artist as his blends some indie-pop style lyrics with a more traditional house breakdown. If you are interested in dipping into a new style of music to listen to this is a piece I recommend. For those who love synths a good beat over anything and for those who put a lot of emphasis on the need for some well crafted and meaningful lyrics, “Something Good” has something good for just about any listener.

From LEONARD: “A few years ago I was accepted to attended a workshop in France run by Joe Chiccarelli, a Grammy winning producer who produced all those great White Stripes, Jason Mraz albums. I came back to New Zealand all inspired and armed with a lot of production tips and tricks and produced/wrote/mixed/recorded other artists. This is the first song that I've produced and am releasing for myself.”

A bit about LEONARD:

Leonard is a brand new electronic project, started by Jonny Avery, that combines elements of house, funk and pop. All the music is played, recorded and mixed by Jonny in his home studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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