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“Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago” - LOVE YOU LATER |Review

Powerhouse artist Love You Later released her latest EP ‘From The Window Seat’ on May 5, 2023 with song “Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago” as the focus track.

The single starts fairly quickly with vocals and a steady drum beat, giving it a band feel. The electric guitars and use of effects give the song a raw feeling that draws the listener in. You can tell quite instantly that this track is near and dear to Love You Later, being that it is the one that closes the EP out. With lyrics like “I don’t want to figure shit out, I’m making this all up as I go” Love You Later is able to connect with young adult listeners who are experiencing the exact same feeling. That kind of relatability is how the singer is able to make true genuine connections with fans. I believe this was the perfect track to go with to round out her EP, and is a song that we have been needing as a younger community not knowing what the future holds. I would recommend her music for those who enjoy listening to elio.irl and Lizzy McAlpine.

Lexi Aviles, also known as Love You Later, is an alt pop artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. It is no surprise that when you are located in the music capital of the United States that the songs you release are instant hits. Aviles has over 78k monthly listeners on Spotify, and her latest EP marks the third project she has released in 2023 alone. Lexi has been releasing music since 2017, with debut song “Lost in Los Angeles” having almost 1 million streams on Spotify. Love You Later has the ability to connect with her younger audience in ways that some established artists never can.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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