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“somebody’s daughter” - Néomi |Review

Néomi’s latest release is a reminder to go easy on yourself - after all, you’re just “somebody’s daughter”.

The track opens with a light indie sound, simple drums and guitar leading into gorgeous vocals… I would’ve believed you if you told me this was a new release from The Japanese House! The chorus gives way to even more beautiful layered vocals, repeating “don’t forget, I’m still somebody’s daughter”, the overarching message of the song. She’s reminding herself not to be too hard on herself, with lines like “I’m not the same I used to be” and “I know life goes on”. At the end of the day, nothing really matters, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up, because more than anything, you’re someone’s daughter that deserves just as much grace as everyone else.

Singer-songwriter Néomi Speelman prides herself on her honesty in her music, saying that she uses her songwriting as more of a diary. Inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Novo Amor, she blends dreamy pop with folk effortlessly. Be sure to give her other tracks a listen!

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