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"Some Same”- Soft Top Intrepid | Review

Former Ten Sleep members Rob LaPlante and Chris Galambos are back with a cool new project in Soft Top Intrepid. Their latest single, “Some Same” is vibey, catchy, and full of delightful sounds.

According to the guys, the track traces its roots back to late 2018, in an apartment somewhere in Kingston, Ontario. Crafted from a pile of genre verified, half finished ideas, “Some Same” was brought to life. “I was making whatever with the only goal being to release stuff. One night I was fiddling around with the chord progression that would later become this track and it practically wrote itself. I knew what the song was going to do melodically and emotionally, but I hit a wall pretty soon after so I shelved it,” said Rob. It would remain on his hard drive for more than another year.

Only when the idea of a possible new musical endeavor was brought up to previous bandmate Chris, was what would eventually become “Some Same” brought back into the fold. “I had said to Chris that whatever I ended up writing or making, I wanted him to be a part of it, so sending him the demo was a no brainer,” said Rob.

The driving yet melancholy track speaks to the mental anguish of not being “on” all of the time, not being able to turn the volume down when everything is already full blast, and the struggle of being hyper aware of every emotion running through you to the point of debilitation. Upon receiving the track, Chris recalls “I immediately started daydreaming about playing shows and even just getting together and playing the song. That's what it was all about for me.”

One of the many artists to be separated during the pandemic and working together, but apart, the pair were thrilled when they were finally able to reunite and record the track. I, for one, am with Chris on one fact- I can’t wait to see this played live.

Written by Sydne Broady

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