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"Sober" - Siobhan Winifred |Review

Siobhan Winifred released her latest single called “Sober”. The track starts out with a simple guitar melody with effects, and Siobhan’s voice stands out immediately.

The song’s instrumental feels like a distant memory that the listener is trying hard to recall. The track stays relatively simple throughout the intro and first chorus, with a drum beat coming in during the second verse. By the time the second chorus comes around, the single reaches its full potential and with bits of ear candy here and there. With lyrics like “And though we both know it’s time for this to end, I can’t help myself when we cross that line again, One drink and you’ll say everything I wanna hear, But with tomorrow comes apologies” you can immediately place yourself in the shoes of this relationship that is not at all healthy, yet impossible to let go of. Overall the whole track provides immaculate storytelling on behalf of the artist, not just with the lyrics, but instrumental as well. I find it particularly impressive when an artist has the capability to provide the listener’s with a complete story without needing to intensely listen to lyrics. Winifred’s voice is also quite refreshing, especially on a lofi pop track such as “Sober”.

The Irish singer who hails from England has been releasing music only since last year and already has acclimated almost 9,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with debut single “Black Hole” having over 150K streams. “Sober” marks her first track to be released in 2023. Winifred describes her latest track as one “that captures the emotional conflict we experience when we find ourselves in a relationship with an inevitable expiration date.” Her voice is something we have been missing in pop recently and with the big strides she has already made, I look forward to what Siobhan does next.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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