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‘So What’ - Luci | Review

‘So What’ is the twangy new single from trio Luci.

Upbeat and groovy this track is all about unapologetically yourself and celebrating your crazy. Blending country, soul, and pop this trio creates a completely new sound with the perfect amount of bubblegum-grit. The song is an instant earworm and is just a feel-good groove. I can totally see myself jamming to this with my best girl-friends. I love that this song is beautifully quirky, the track, the lyrics, everything not only does it celebrate everyone's discombobulated crazy it mirrors it in a super clever way. Sung with powerhouse precision and undeniable character, the Luci ladies reflect this message in their delivery and further prove that celebrating each other’s differences is what brings people together.

“Produced by Luci, Paul Redel, Cliff Downs and Tripp Weir, and featuring an array of A-list musicians, Danny Rader (Acoustic Guitar/Mandolin), Duncan Mullins (Bass), Trevor Muzzy (Bass), Paul Redel (Electric Guitar), Jeff King (Electric Guitar), Georgi Kay (Electric Guitar) and Matt Musty (Drums), “So What” hits, punches and soars through. The track was written by all three members of Luci and Tripp Weir while they all channeled their inner bat sh** crazy. “We had a pretty specific person in mind when we wrote it [So What] and the words just starting falling out of our mouths,” says Ashley Maietta. It came to us so quickly and I think at that moment we all realized that even though we were speaking in hyperbole, bits, and pieces of this track and mantra definitely lived inside of all of us, Tripp included!” ​McKail Seely states, “Shortly after the song started forming, we realized it’s a representation of all three of us in different ways. As humans, I think we’re all a little crazy, and what better way to handle the crazy than by accepting it and being who you are despite what others may think.”

The track drives down a slightly different lane than the more folksy songs the trio has written. “Tripp played us a song by Anderson Paak and it ​riled​ us up. McKail started this bass line on her guitar and we all just started grooving with it. We have so many influences but this was a departure rhythmically and we all just fell in love with it,” says Tibi. Seely agrees and states, “In general, ​most of the time, people are afraid to be different, but it’s those differences that make life colorful and vibrant...wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“So What” is the third single Luci has released thus far leading up to their full-length album. Maietta, Seely, and Tibi harness their ability to sound like one voice while still maintaining their unique, individual vocal styles, a theme present throughout all of their music. The trio is fresh off of a tour with Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.”


Luci is the magical result of a spontaneous session between three songwriters. When McKail, Ariana, and Ashley got together for the first time, it was in the living room of an apartment with roommates sleeping in the next room over. The moment they sang their first, quiet harmony together, they knew this was a musical bond that couldn’t be ignored. That evening they not only decided to continue as a group but even came up with their name and the first song.

Although their sound is Folk/Pop based, the Luci Ladies have always had a passion for the Blues, Soul, and Jazz, three styles that appear in their writing. Through their combination of genres and individual styles, the result has allowed three independent and stylistically different women to come together to form a unique blend; a blend that embraces their strengths and differences and morphs them into a cohesive, mainstream sound.

Luci has booked various venues around California (The Troubadour, The Hotel Cafe, Hotel Utah, The House of Blues, Room 5, etc) and Nashville (The Listening Room, The Bluebird, The Country) and continue to write. They have also opened for Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo during the Pershing Square Summer Concert Series and on their 40th Anniversary tour, and for Justin Moore, Tyler Farr, and RaeLynn in Temecula.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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