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"Smaller" - The Mediator |Review

Rising indie star in the making, The Mediator, releases debut single ‘Smaller’ which is the first track off of upcoming EP ‘Liminal Space’

Blending bedroom pop melodies with an alternative indie take on production, ‘Smaller’ is a stunning debut for this young artist. Establishing an intimate atmosphere the track takes listeners into a quiet bubble where the world slows down. Composed and reflective, the track captures a calming acoustic moment where you feel, well, smaller. The Mediator is a young talent ready to bring integrity and true heart to his music and storytelling.

About “Smaller” :

The song is describing this general feeling of dissonance that I think a lot of people feel, especially teenagers. Like, the way we thought the world was supposed to be isn’t how it is at all. And now we’re seeing it from this new perspective where we have one foot in adulthood and the other in childhood and we are trying to reconcile the two.

About The Mediator:

The Mediator (aka Alekos) is 17 and about to start his senior year of high school. He always chooses soy milk over oat milk because oat milk is too slippery. Some of his great fears in life include adults asking him where he wants to go to college, serial killers, sudden dandruff attacks, and middle schoolers in groups of 3 or more. The aspect of his music which he feels is perhaps most crucial are the lyrics, in which he tries to create a subtle balance between universal truths, relatable melancholy, and teenage apathy observed from his own life experience as well as the lives of others. .

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Press Release by Hannah Schneider

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