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'SloMo' Kush Kush | Review

Remember some of those pop bangers that came out in the mid 2010’s? Catchy dance chorus, some epic verses with a good build up, and of course the rise of EDM and trap influence in pop music. Kush Kush is bringing me back these fun nostalgic vibes in this new release. ‘SloMo’ is the one of those songs that are reminiscent of the era of Calvin Harris and Zedd dominating the radio. This mysterious masked duo is bringing both meaningful lyrics and the catchiness of a song that is bound to blow up on the radio, this is what we are looking for in a break-through artist! ‘SloMo’ is an incredible song that is bound to get people hooked and dancing.

“The mysterious collective is back with the next single and takes us on a "SloMo" trip. Kush Kush are starting off with their first original. With their recent singles "Fight Back With Love Tonight" and "Sweet & Bitter" they already proved that the finest tunes are coming straight out of the rabbit hole. Time for the next catchy urban pop tune.

With already more than 18 million Spotify streams in total and features on the most famous playlists like "mint", "Good Vibes" or "TGIF" the Urban Rabbits created international streaming hits and won a permanent audience in 61 countries. "Fight Back With Love Tonight" stayed 10 weeks in the Russian Airplay Charts, peaking on #1 and also climbed the Shazam-Charts to #2. Followed by the Platinum Award in Russia. The accompanying video, a thrilling nocturnal ride with an excessively living, explosively loving young couple, clocks in with more than 2,5 million YouTube views to date.”

Check out Kush Kush

Review by Hannah Schneider

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