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'Siren Song' - Pip the Pansy | Review

“Siren Song” transports the listener to a fantastical world that reminds us of Ancient Greek Myths.

The song not only has beautiful vocals but it draws us in, just as the title suggests, like a siren song. Additionally, “Siren Song” adds in a section with a flute playing, not using a synthesizer, which is always something that I always appreciate in songs.

This music video takes us to a mystical land where everything seems possible. The video is also impressive because it is completely shot on an iPhone 7 which makes it feel a little more surreal. In general, the song and video as a whole are perfect if you need some time to unwind and relax.

Pip the Pansy (formerly known as Wrenn) is the freshest new Rainbow Pop artist to come out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her song-craft has the polish and drama of a writer twenty years her senior and she’s armed with a voice that can be sultry, lilting, playful, or bold. A visual arts graduate of The University of Georgia, her immaculate sense for aesthetic is apparent in everything she does from her self-produced artwork and videos to the bubblegum-chic outfits she wears on stage. In the tradition of the Athens music scene, her music can be B-52 quirky, Beatle melodic, yet fresh to the ear.

Review by Ella de Castro

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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