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‘Since You’re Gone’ - Slo Marr

Mixing Punk-Rock and Cloud Hop, Slo Marr creates a brisk track for fall.

This track is a really interesting listen. The genre blend is unexpected but quite polished and I really look forward to more from this artist. The indie influence from artist and influence Blink-182 is clear in this track too even if it isn’t at the forefront. The lyrics flow smoothly and really float over the track in a way that is really easy to listen to even if you aren’t a traditional Hip-Hop or Punk-Rock fan.

" The song is about a breakup n which, at first I thought I had done everything wrong. I wasn't sure how not to blame myself. But after a while I started to notice that if the other person's better, I guess I shouldn't be that sad.

Still got your toothbrush at home War in my mind like the clones Should I keep it or let go? Will we revisit our souls?

That's the first part of the second verse and I think it shows this very well"

Born in Venezuela in 1996, Slo Marr has been involved with music for more than 5 years, working as a producer and co-writer to both Latin and American artists. Slo Marr started to take music seriously starting in 2016 when he recorded his first songs and has been releasing serious music since 2017. The Latino artist blends a variety of genres including Rap, Indie, RnB, and Alternative Pop with lyrics in both English and Spanish in order to create catchy, yet interesting songs that can be played when feeling any emotion. Slo Marr cites Kanye West, Blink-182 and Lil Wayne as some of his biggest influences, as well as modern acts such as Post Malone, XXXTentacion and Bad Bunny. Slo Marr recently released his first EP, Unloved, independently, including production, writing, and performance from the artist himself in a variety of genres including Trap and Lofi Hip-Hop.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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