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simple little things - B O K E H | Review

B O K E H is coming back to the scene with her second single “simple little things” from her upcoming album “room 42”. This track is about someone not being upfront with their feelings, and the desire to open up, but also the doubt that comes with it.

If you like Kate Bush you’re sure to love B O K E H! Chloë Lewer (aka BOKEH) is an independent artist from New Zealand, based in Berlin, Germany where she began her musical career as a busker in 2011. She also releases her music under her self-founded label ‘Gloomstone Records’.

I am personally obsessed with Cholë’s melancholy, soft and beautiful vocals. When she sings “Someone should’ve warned me” you can hear the hurt in her vocals and that makes listeners connect to the song even more.

Some lyrics that I personally love are “we’ve been a fling for a year now / I’m just so blue that you’ll never be able to / someone should’ve warned me” with the almost haunting ooo’s in the background.

I can’t wait for B O K E H’s album “room 42” to be released!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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