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“Silence” - Devin Kennedy | Review

“Silence” has the unique sound of both tranquility and panicked stress.

The calm beats underscore the heart wrenching lyrics of waiting for a response from someone, and the agony of their silence. The song really emphasizes all of those emotions a person goes through in all that waiting. Fear, frustration, regret, everything feels present which makes this song stand out so well because of how it juxtaposes these emotions with gentle sounds.

The story seems simple: waiting for a response from someone, and only being met with silence. However, this song goes deeper into articulating how much the simple act of silence can set a person off. Something that at heart seems so mild is suddenly a high stress situation. The contrasting qualities of the lyrics and the sound really make this piece work. Both elements complement each other into a satisfying rush.

Devin Kennedy is a Los Angeles native who grew up in a music loving household. Devin brings a unique blend of “left-of-center, California sad-pop that has become his trademark” (Volatile Weekly) as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Emotional, powerful, and layered, Devin supplies a mix of emotions to which audiences will relate.

Review by Hannah Silverman

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