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"Sign of My Love"-Oscar Enestad | Single Coverage

Oscar Enestad, Swedish artist born 1997 in Stockholm. At the age of 16 Oscar became one of the founding members of Scandinavia’s biggest boyband FO&O. Their very first gig was opening act for Justin Bieber and that same year they got assigned a Swedish Grammy Award as the "innovators of the year". Now with over 80 million streams on Spotify, several awards, sold out US tours and sharing stage with artists like One Direction, the band decided to focus on their solo projects.

Oscar has spent all his time in the studio writing and recording to develop his sound. Melodic with strong pop beats and a touch of indie vocals. His falsetto and personal lyrics gives an emotional nerve to his music. You will hear The 1975 and Years & Years but also Charlie Puth and Maroon 5, as influences.

The debut single "Heaven on my skin” gives you a taste of the darker sound of his. A mysterious track and a personal lyric that tells you the difficulties of loving something that’s not good for you. Oscar will continue releasing songs that will take you by surprise.

Today Oscar Enestad is releasing his second self-written single ’Sign Of My Love’ – a personal song with a message about powerful love. The song is about when you can’t help to get jealous, and that you then apologize, because the reason for the jealousy is because the love is simply too strong. Oscars own words about the song: “It’s about how you get jealous because you love someone so much – and the jealousy is a sign that the love is real and authentic.”

Oscar Enestad is the Swedish artist and songwriter who previously was a part of Scandinavia’s biggest boyband FO&O. FO&O’s music has over 80 million collected streams, given them numerous of awards that resulted in both a nationwide US tour and opening spots for One Direction and Justin Bieber. After FO&O decided to focus on their own solo projects Oscar has spent all of his time in the studio, finding his own sound and continuing to write music. His debut single ’Heaven on My Skin’ was released last year, and demonstrated Oscars own musical path which will be shown 2019.

Listen Here:

Coverage by Hannah Schneider

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