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“She’s Got You" - Jennie Harluk Review

Do you ever wish you could be the petty one in a breakup and not be so quick to get emotional (me too, girlypop)? Well if you do, or if you are the petty one in the break up then we have the song for you! “She’s Got You,” by Jennie Harluk is your new breakup anthem if you want to be the petty, nonchalant one in the breakup.

Canadian pop artist Jennie Harluk is back with her second single, “She’s Got You,” following the release of her first single “Party for Two.” The new single “showcases her wit as she adds a little alt-goodness to spice things up.” Harluk says that this song is the more “edgy” side of the “girl next door thing” vibe she has. Harluk admits that she is a “fairly open person with my emotions,” and says that sometimes she wishes she “wasn’t so quick to those emotions.” This song is written about the girl that Harluk wants to be.

Paired with the song is a video. The video stars Harluk riding her bike in between grainy tapes of a relationship that has obviously ended. The video is shot in the style of home movies giving it a nostalgic feel and making the viewer relate to it more.

I love this song because I have always wanted to completely not care about a breakup, I have maybe once or twice but every other time I have cared way too much. I want to be the petty one that doesn’t get hurt for once, this song lets me have that. So, thank you Jennie Harluk for giving me what I’ve always wanted even though I’m hoping to never go through another breakup ever again! All in all, I think “She’s Got You,” is a bop for anyone– single, taken, petty, emotional, whatever. “She’s Got You,” has got you, whoever you are, it’s great for everyone!

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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