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"Shattered Glass" - Jolie Cantautrice | Review

Jolie Cantautrice has this beautiful gravity to her voice. "Shattered Glass" is a stunning piano ballad that just makes you stop in your tracks.

There is something so powerful about the minimalism of this track. Have just the piano accompany Jolie's voice highlights her story telling skills and just carries your ear along her voice. There is a raw vulnerability that is beautiful and draws you in. It is touching and sad and a song that acknowledges growing beyond past experiences. Moving on is something difficult and to have a song go into the emotional depth to explore that is a rare treasure.

The song's message is to convey what it's like to go through trauma and dwell on what happened. The song then takes a turn, with the message changing to let go of the past and what happened to them. They can enjoy the present and all of the love that surrounds them.

Jolie is a professional Pop & EDM singer who has been in the business for ten years. She has collaborated with Phonat on Owsla Records - her song "Fire" has over 600,000 views on YouTube and was featured in the Supergirl series. In Zoolander 2, she sang Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack." With her Italian roots, she also joined forces with Alessandro Casillo on his new single "Basta Parlare (Talk)," a Sanremo Festival winner.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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