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“Shape” - Sam Wright |Review

Sam Wright makes music at the intersection of lo-fi bedroom pop and contemporary surf-rock.

Modern-day surfer rock knows no bounds when it comes to sound and Sam Wright is a perfect example of how versatile it can be. “Shape” starts out with a synthy and cosmic intro that feels like sounds from Tame Impala’s album Currents. Tame Impala is just one of many influences you can hear in Sam’s music. Specifically, with the newest track, the vocals give off Whitney, the music sounds like Her’s and Babe Rainbow.

It's got a serious groove to it- something you can dance to but subtlety and smoothly not something showy. It’s a song driven by a humble sound and leads up to a climax with shining moments for the guitar and the drums. Then reverts back to a chill and easy-listening 70s inspired hit with modern influences. It’s easy the beach day listen or the “I want to be at the beach” day listen.

By Amanda Collins

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