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See Me- Amelie Lucille | Review

At only fifteen years old, Amelie Lucille’s rich vocals on ‘See Me’ are a reflection of God-given talent.

To deliver a song with as much depth as Amelie presents is something incredibly unique, especially considering her age. ‘See Me’ portrays the struggle of escaping a suffocating and toxic relationship, while simultaneously pleading to be seen. Through gut-wrenching lyrics such as “I can't make you want me more than you already do,” and “I can’t help you when you don't want me at all,” there is an overwhelming sense of emotional maturity throughout this piece. The bridge of this song focuses on the repetition of one lyric, “Let me out,” which builds an overwhelmingly tangible tension as the audience waits for something to break. It is no secret that the richness of Amelie’s voice is the star of the show, and her voice is accompanied by a beautiful, but not distracting string-based melody.

Based in New York, Amelie has established herself as a force to be reckoned with early in her blossoming career. She released her debut self-titled album in June of 2023, and is continuing on this path with ‘See Me’ as her second single. It is abundantly clear that Amelie knows what she wants, and has the skillset and passion to achieve her dreams. With so much time ahead of her, I encourage you to see what she will do next!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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