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Sean Waters’ “Money,” Says What Needs To Be Said

Sean Waters’ new single “Money” is a poetic take on the folk genre. His voice is comparable to a mellowed Hozier. His sound, to a deeper-toned Raveena.

The sound combined with the rasp of his vocals exudes a warmness and profoundness that is hard to ignore—making this the perfect track to unwind and reflect too.

Waters’ honest lyrics urge you to explore the “deepest parts of the human heart.” Pushing listeners to introspect on what they truly value in a capitalist society. Values like wealth, status, and … money.

To Waters’ money requires devotion. Devotion to its power and status through time and labor. Waters sees the sacrifices people make to get by or get rich and was compelled to write about this phenomenon.

“‘Money’ encapsulates the slavery that money often requires of those who desire it and the feeling of being hollowed out by the thing you love the most,” says Waters.

His lyrics, “I have had enough of the lies. They promised paradise, but I’ll be fine. Now I’m living in hell, I’ve lost all that was well. But I’ll be fine,” open up the song and captures the hollowed-out feeling he refers to perfectly.

The feeling that everything you have worked for in hopes of a better life was all for nothing. The feeling that your boss, or society, used you for all they think you are worth. Then left you hanging and pining for more.

These lyrics’ slight eeriness and undeniable rawness keep listeners engaged and leaves them with questions of society and self-worth. Waters hopes that listening to the song will bring a “playful yet challenging encounter” that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Waters’ signature vocals and simplistic melodies are featured throughout his work. Each track bringing you into poetic folklore of his creation.

“Money” is the most recent installment in Waters’ upcoming 2022 album that is sure to lure you in with the same deep lyrics and melodies. The lead single, “Darling,” is already available on streaming platforms, and more are soon to come.

By: Zac Strater

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