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"Say Yes” - KiD RAiN | Review

“Say Yes” by Kid RAiN is a pop song that is as colorful and vivacious as its music video. I can’t help but smile as I listen to it.

And the inspiration for the song only makes it more relatable. KiD RAiN used his history of rejection and spun that into this high-spirited bop. He said, “Say Yes has a very personal spot in my heart because believe it or not, by the time I was 19 years young I had already proposed to 12 people and 2 animals. They all liked me I think but apparently the “timing wasn’t right” haha you get it. Haven’t seen them since but it’s cool. Anyway this song is about realising you’ve found “the one” and praying they don’t reject you like the 12 other people and 2 animals before them.”

“Say Yes” radiates pure joy with its upbeat rhythm and production. It is a very, very danceable song with a carefree attitude. The message seems to be “give me a chance and I’ll give it my all” but in a fearless way. As if the colors and excitement of the song represent what life could be like if you “Say Yes.” There could not have been a more fitting place to shoot the music video in.

The artist filmed the music video in Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan (also known as the Village of Colour) in Bali. Him and his team noticed the village was nearby during their holiday vacation in Bali, and hopped on a plane that day to film with videographer and director Alex Boulton. This risk really paid off for the artist, resulting in a stunning video that compliments his vibe.

This is KiD RAiN’s debut song under this new artist label. The artist has been creating music as Dan Reynard, a UK based songwriter and producer, and he has gained great experience by fronting for The Vamps on their arena tour. He is also inspired by pop sounds like Lauv, The 1975, and Conan Gray. His creativity, humor, and utter talent for performing are likely to expand on his success, starting off incredibly strong with this lively new hit.

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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