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"Say Something" -bennytheghost |Review

The aesthetic of this song starts before you even start it. Giving credit where credit is due and bennytheghost has some killer artwork for this single.

Two middle fingers up at the wheel of a car, sunny day, palm trees out with some ski masks on. It serves some serious Spring Breakers in Hollywood kind of energy and the mood of the song follows suit.

Light summer guitar playing then some slick production sends you into the verses. “Say Something” is like a cross between Billie Eilish singing and smooth talking – with quick stops and combines with the hit from a couple summers ago “Mine” by Bazzi. It’s flirty and endearing. It’ll make you want more, it’s a short tune but hits the mark in creativity and playfulness both musically and lyrically. It has this sweet sing-songy moment at the end and fades out almost as quick as it starts. It’s a perfect summer playlist addition. It sounds like sunshine with middle fingers up with a sidekick right next to you.

LA based pop writer and singer originally from Virginia. Bennytheghost has influences in rock and indie music which informs his guitar-driven pop writing. Every chorus is infectious and built to be sang along with. His songs are anthemic ear-worms that the listener will want to leave on repeat.

By Amanda Collins

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