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“Satellite” - Alice Bloom | Review

“Satellite” by Alice Bloom is an indie-pop song that has me feeling like the protagonist of an iconic Saoirse Ronan movie, drowning my angst toward the world by driving down a country highway. Like our Irish queen, this song reminds you that you are your own superhero.

Alice Bloom opens the song with a bluesy beat and catchy drums. Their vocals are calming, lighthearted with a clear tone that is so pleasing to listen to. They hit beautiful, breathy high notes effortlessly. The black and white music video showcases great creativity, placing the lyrics in bold, comic book style speech bubbles that add power to the words. Relatable lyrics talk about trust and how people can betray you so you must find inner strength, trust yourself, and cut selfish people out of your life.

Alice Bloom is an LA-based duo made up of Flannery Maney and Pietro Milanesi. Satelite is their first single, and they are continuing to work on their first EP which is due to be released in early fall. The duo showcase their knowledge, talent, and hard work by producing, writing, and mixing all of their music independently from home,


Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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