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Sarvady- "Something New" | Review

Man I love me some Lo-fi Pop. there's something about those lowered tones that hit my ear just right. Well, Sarvady got something for yall. Released in Febuary Sarvady hit us with “Something New”

What stands out for me the most was the horns in the breakdown pre chorus, which makes the track that much more infectious. With two guitars, some killer drums and a well used synth, the mix is great, the arrangement is stacked and her voice is a chef's kiss.

With an almost hypnotic tone Sarvady is looking for love, or maybe just something New. The writing was all very well put together. The Line that got me was, “Im so Annoying… playing with my food, ask if your angry“

Her bio screams authenticity. Carrying the experience of many places traveled and company enjoyed, she plans to find herself through music.


Written by SpeakEasy

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