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“Same” - Alfie Arcuri | Review

Australian pop vocalist Alfie Arcuri has re-emerged onto the airwaves with a sexy, edgy sound and style in the form of new single 'Same'.

With the flavor of a Sam Smith mixed with Nick Jonas, Arcuri brings listeners a beautiful song that is completely unique and stunning. Honestly, this pop bop that came of the middle of Pride month honestly is amazingly timed. This is going into my personal Pride playlist for sure. If you need a love song that is unapologetic and fun to listen to that isn’t going to make you curl up in a ball going “SHMR” this is the song for you. I was dancing around my room even the first time I listened.

“Same” is really setting a new tone for Alfie. The music video and song shift away from the clean-cut more cautious artist we new before and the transition is incredible. In the music video alone we see the artist covering himself in white paint. “The notion behind it is that we’ve all worn different masks to protect ourselves. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship everything from the outside looks clean and pristine, but the reality can actually be pretty messy, hence the paint. The effect was really great, although it was pretty challenging to wash it all out!”

Same’ was a finalist in the 2018 Vanda and Young song-writing competition alongside Amy Shark and Cxloe, solidifying him as an upcoming songwriter to look out for. Alfie says, “I wanted to write something that had a soulful pop vibe but also had a bit of a dark edge to it.” He explains. “Same is inspired by my own experiences with love, specifically my first real relationship falling apart, and how I almost immediately attempted to and unsuccessfully replace my ex-boyfriend with a similar variation of him.

Alfie aims to release a new EP later this year, a blend of funk, soul, pop and RnB music which will feature the single ‘Same’.

Three years after being crowned the winner of The Voice 2016, Alfie is still going strong as one of the major success stories from the show. This year has already kicked off with a bang with Alfie wowing global audiences as a finalist in Eurovision - Australia Decides (with over 200,000 streams of the track). Most recently he’s also become a brand ambassador and spokesperson for Jaguar and has co-created a short film for the 2019 Mardi Gras Queer Screen.

Raised in a loving Italian family in Sydney’s west, Alfie was a humble architect just prior to going on The Voice. Having only ever sung once in public at his sister’s wedding shortly beforehand, he decided at the last minute to apply for the show. “Everyone was pretty surprised as my own family up until the wedding actually had no idea I could sing. It was always something I’d been too shy about and kept hidden,” he says. “However now I absolutely love performing on stage, I get such a buzz out of it.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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