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"Same Air" - Sebastian Mayor | Review

Jumping straight in with punctuated drums and a catchy guitar pattern, Sebastian Mayor makes a beachy, indie pop splash with this summer-y tune about long distance relationships.

His new single “Same Air” gives me Jason Mraz vibes, especially his vocals, which are steady and calming. On top of the main vocals, he layers some “oo” sounds underneath the instrumental, giving the song more depth and a jazzy undertone. For a love song, it’s creative and sweet in a refreshing way, especially in the chorus, where he sings, “I see the satellites rising/I feel the radio waves traveling too/On my screen, I see smiling/As long as we breathe the same air as I do.” The mini guitar solo at the end helps to conclude this song in a satisfying, blissful way. I just love how completely enwrapped in happiness this song is; it’s like a nice piece of candy.

Based in London but from South America, Mayor brings a special take to pop music, adding a special jazzy spin to his music. He’s multi-talented and proves it with this single, which he produced and mixed himself. With 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify from all over the world, Mayor’s music appeals to a diverse audience that’s eager for him to release more.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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