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"Sad With You" - Neuhaus | Review

"Sad With You" is a track that captures that feeling of our phone relationships these days.

Neuhaus brings listeners a bedroom pop track that I think speaks to the core of everyone living apart from loved ones right now. I think there is something so difficult about our lives being online these days. You would think it would be easier because it is just in our pocket but it seems harder than ever to feel fulfilled in any type of relationship virtually. The distance, be it within the same city or states or countries apart, makes real connection feel cold and distanced. Neuhaus has a power to his production that feels punchy and powerful with vocals that go straight to the heart. Even when we are apart from those we care about, remembering and acknowledging the new type of relationship as something that isn't always detrimental is incredibly important.

From the artist: "I have been struggling with "phone anxiety" for awhile now. I frequently ignore calls from those who care about me and that I care about. I receive voicemails from my friends and family, that always end in "I love you". When really, the whole time I am being selfish by not acknowledging them. I wrote this song to remind myself not to be selfish and ultimately tell my friends and family that I do care about them and I love them too."

Michael Neuhaus is a 21 year-old vocalist, producer, and overall musician hailing from Wilmette, IL. He got his start in music in 2017 doing mostly rap/hip-hop. Some artists that inspire his work are Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, and Still Woozy. His music is the truth behind the lyrics and the passion behind the beats. Although he's always evolving he would say that his music " has a nostalgic, retro vibe with a modern sound". Additionally, Neuhaus attends Michigan State University where he currently resides.

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