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“Sad Sometimes” - Emma Oliver x loyalties | Review

Singer-songwriter Emma Oliver releases heart-wrenching debut single “Sad Sometimes”.

Sometimes, the happy emotions aren’t sincere and the numbness of not wanting to feel sad takes over. “Sad Sometimes” provides an escape and a release to allow the sad to happen. Joining pop tracks like Bea Miller’s “Feel Something” and, Unheard Gem, Mothica’s “Vices”, Emma Oliver embraces the darkness that comes with life and the desire to allow yourself to feel in the present. The single talks about how it’s okay to feel sad and to sit with that emotion as it processes. There’s an obvious stigma toward the outward display of emotion in our world, which can lead to pretty bad habits as a means of coping with being sad or upset. “Sad Sometimes,” tells listeners that they shouldn’t feel pressured to put on a happy face. And with being halfway through a wild year that has stirred up a wide range of emotions for everyone all over the world, sadness seems like a very normal response.

From Oliver: “I just want to be sad sometimes… is that too much to ask for? For the most part, I think people feel like sadness is a weakness. They aren’t okay with sitting in their sad emotions and memories and instead fake happiness. I just want people to know it’s okay to be sad, to cry, to scream, to feel hurt. That’s what this song is about.”

“You don’t want to see me hurt, But you already did your damage // When will you ever learn, No I don’t think that I can manage”

The song discusses the emotional labor of a relationship's constant push and pull. The instinct is to create space, but as you would expect from a small town, they have the same friends. This person knows how much they’re hurting her but they continue to stick around. She says “I will always be lonely when you’re next to me” - the evidence of a toxic relationship is clear and all Emma desires to do is ‘be sad sometimes’.

“Don’t try to fix it, I’m not worth it, Cut ties, twist knives, I guess I deserved it // I will always be lonely when you’re next to me, I just wanna be sad, I just wanna be sad”

Born and raised in the small town of Waxahachie, Texas, Emma’s energetic, goofy and expressive TikTok videos have garnered her platform verification with over 430k followers. In response to high demand from fans that she releases music, Emma has decided to put out “Sad Sometimes” with producer/songwriter duo loyalties.

Comprised of Dan Stringer and Michael Kanne, loyalties delivers music with bold drum patterns, big bass riffs, and larger than life pop hooks. Not limited to a single location, genre, or vocalist, the duo explores a wide variety of sounds while always staying true to that authentic, honest vibe they both know and love. Before forming in 2020 the members had worked with artists such as Ms. Lauryn Hill, X Ambassadors, Johnny Stimson, & more. Sad Sometimes is also the debut song from loyalties and follows their specific branding, visuals, and creative identity. When discussing the new track, they go on to say “As humans, we can often limit the number of risks we take, new things we try, and people we trust, because we are afraid of being hurt. The problem is at that same time we limit what we feel. Happiness and sadness can’t exist without each other. It’s okay to be sad! Embrace your sadness: we want this song to bring that out. When you work through sadness instead of trying to muffle it, you have a much easier time moving on.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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