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Séamus- “Hometown Hero” |Review

Séamus comes back around with his heart on his sleeve. His single, Hometown Hero, is a dark and slow but romantic pop song about missing someone who still has feelings for you.

The hardship of having invisible strings tied to your ex or a forbidden love as they have moved on with somebody else is described in the lyrics, “Does he know the times? Where you were falling asleep now on my chest/ I can’t put it to rest/ Is it so bad I wanna relive it all?” Even though the feelings are reciprocated, the singer states that it’s wrong, “So why don’t you stop?” The tone of his voice is sad, almost like he’s reminiscing of what he had with her. There’s a sense of guilt, yet when emotions are so strong you can’t just let go. Musically, the production is soft and low to bring light to his voice, as the lyrics are powerful. Like the pain that this “situationship” could inevitably bring, Hometown Hero might tug on your heart, though you can’t help but keep coming back.

Séamus is a California-based pop singer with a second single off his upcoming EP “The Town Where I Sleep.” His leading single, Lost My Baby, has gotten listeners excited for what’s coming. Last year his EP “The Whole World’s Burning” gained popularity and critical acclaim with over 200,000 listens. With Gen-Z being the target audience, and two singles out, there’s no doubt his songs from the long-awaited EP will be addictive.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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