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"Romance" - Maso | Review

One word comes to mind when listening to “Romance”...

Acoustics. The instrumental of this track is sensational. With a guitar embodiment adding subtle hints of 808 creates a very groovy but chill track.

Maso says “just with you in this messed up world.” Currently, there couldn’t be a better definition of the world we live in now. From Covid to the Palestine - Israeli conflict, the list could go on - so many messed up things and events have taken place in the past year. I mean even Sean Connery, Mr. 007 died. I’m pretty sure nothing worse could happen…

Let me get back on track…

This track to be exact.

I really enjoyed this one. With the epic instrumental complimented with Maso’s amazing vocals, this jam is a perfect play for this summer. I can totally see myself drink an ice-cold cerveza in my pool.

Maso is pretty recluse and not much out there about him. He hails from the city of Angels. In his bio, he says, “I am nothing without the people I love.” How awesome is that?

If Maso continues to stay humble and make glorious music, in no time he will be hitting the top charts. Check out his new track “Romance” today!

Written by Quincy Williamson

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