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"Rollerskating" - Sizzy Rocket |Review

Sizzy Rocket has released her dreamy new single, “Rollerskating.” In contrast to her recent heavy-hitting releases — “THAT BITCH” and “Smells Like Sex” — “Rollerskating” sees Sizzy Rocket tapping into a softer side of herself.

Inspired by her own love story with her current partner, Sizzy chronicles the giddy yet terrifying experience of falling in love on “Rollerskating". Guided by sun-soaked indie-pop production, Sizzy’s vocals shine; she is raw and untempered, finding power in her own vulnerability. “I’ve never even heard my own voice sound like it does on this record,” Sizzy remarks. “I’m proud of myself for going there. It’s a new, softer, lighter side of me that I’ve gained access to through writing my new album, and I'm excited to share it with the world."

Sizzy Rocket is the cool best friend you wish you had growing up. In 2016, Sizzy released her debut album, THRILLS, and the album's lead single, “Bestie,” became a viral sensation, receiving praise from the likes of New York Magazine, PAPER, and BUSTLE. Since her initial breakout, Sizzy has continued to build a rabid fanbase with the release of a 2017 mixtape, Hot Summer, and 2019 sophomore album, GRRRL. Outside of her solo work, Sizzy has also written for all the cool girls of pop, from Noah Cyrus to Bea Miller.

When she’s not trading fan mail with her cult, Sizzy is building her own independent record label, designing and packaging her own merch, and booking her own tours. Sizzy challenges what it means to be a pop artist in 2020 with her DIY approach, openly queer and unapologetic lyricism, and her genre-blending musicality that takes influence from punk, rock, pop and beyond.

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