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“Rollerblades” - STVN |Review

STVN is a team favorite on Unheard Gems. His Lo-fi Pop aesthetics and sentimental lyrics always make for a dream pairing.

His single “Rollerblades” is a sugary sweet love song. There is something nostalgic about the way this track sounds. STVN has tapped into something similar to COIN and LANY with these almost fuzzy dreamland-sounding songs but brings his own flair of almost RnB type vocal flows. I love the play on “rolling with you” with the rollerblade theme and rolling with the person you want to surround yourself with.

This is your classic indie movie fawning for someone type song, the way that life can feel so simple yet in those moments you find the most fulfillment.

“This song is about missing someone you hold dear, and how they make you a better person when you're with them!” - STVN

Steven Alexander Chen aka STVN is an emerging independent pop artist from Philadelphia, USA. STVN recently graduated from a university in the USA and is continuing to explore music and dive into his craft. STVN turns to writing music for peace and happiness, which he hopes to share with the world. He loves discovering new ways to create and write music and is always striving to capture a feeling that is timeless.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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