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"Role Model" (ft. Tessa Violet) - daysormay | Review

Tessa Violet serves as a pop of color to daysofmay’s revamped single, “Role Model”.

The song was originally released by the Vancouver-based group in 2018, but was given a makeover when they toured with Violet and decided to give it new life. It’s coupled with a fun, stylish music video featuring both daysofmay and Violet that exudes all kinds of chaos and excitement.

"We were like maniacs on that shoot day. We literally went straight from the studio at like 3am to shoot at dawn at 5am and were up for well over 24 hours.” Violet said about the project, with daysofmay adding that they “ended up only going home to grab camera gear between the studio and the shoot."

“Role Model” is a carefree indie pop song that is undeniably infectious with an addictive descending hook. It’s specifically composed to get you out of your seat and dance, and it’s effective. Though the song is fresh and modern, it has a hint of retro influence that is prominent in the punchy 80s synths. An enormous part of the song’s charm is how it’s clearly a passion project for both artists- it didn’t need to be revisited two years later, but Violet’s love for the song and daysofmay’s adventurous spirit made for a memorable song and video.

Daysofmay, named after the English phonetic of the French word "désormais," meaning “from now on,” is made up of twin brothers Nolan and Carson Bassett and Aidan Andrews. They first formed when they were in sixth grade, and have been met with success that’s expected to grow even more. They’ve toured with a number of notable bands like Cold War Kids, Walk Off The Earth, and Peach Pit. Tessa Violet was looking for openers for her 2019 headline tour when a fan tweeted urging her to check out daysofmay, and she fell in love. She is an independent pop artist- so independent that all but one songs on her debut album were written by her alone. Daysofmay are set to release an EP later this year, and Tessa Violet has some upcoming announcements herself.

Review by Jessica Ward

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