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Rodeo Mary by Stinkus | Review

‘Rodeo Mary’ is a window into the soul of up-and-coming indie artist Stinkus. This track has it all: It’s loud, but not too loud; Serious, but not too serious.

The song creates an environment of warmth through its sound- one that feels oddly familiar. It has the sentimental feel of a night spent around a bonfire with your closest friends- the kind of night that you leave with lifelong stories to tell. The opening notes are filled with anticipation, and the understanding that the song is going to build into something bigger. ‘Rodeo Mary’ wastes no time throwing us directly into the story being told, with the first verse hitting heavy and loud. Threaded between a gritty guitar melody, a simple yet relatable chorus of “la la la la la” creates a soft contrast to the overwhelming instrumental of this track. As the song continues, the intensity grows, ending abruptly in the best way.

Stage Alias of Tyler Thomson, Stinkus, has mastered their sound. With debut album ‘23’ coming out on April 5th, there is a growing excitement surrounding their upcoming works. The entire album was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler, which explains how each piece is so sonically cohesive. It is no secret that Stinkus’ success is inevitable, so be sure to tune in early. This is an artist you will be honored to say “I was there from the beginning” about.

‘Rodeo Mary’ is accompanied by a music video, which you can view here:

Written By: Julia Brennan

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