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"Robert Boss" - MNSN |Review

Robert Boss has just the perfect dash of nostalgia.

MNSN is a duo that I think has something special about them. Their music is anthemic and catchy and just feels light, it lifts your heart.

"I've been acting like a joke, looking like a fraud, dressing like I'm broke, feeling like a god"

What an opening line. I think it is just the perfect synopsis of imposter syndrome. We all just deal with our own internal conflicts and how we are viewed by the world. I think think this is a great artistic representation of making it in music.

Sonically, this track ends up combining EDM production methods with hip hop inspired beat looping and progressions, in a pop style arrangement. Lyrically, Michael sort of plays this exaggerated millennial character, making light of their seeming aimlessness, while each pre chorus features questions that shine light on the awareness this person actually has.

MNSN is a pop/alternative duo formed by Michael Monroe and Triston Johnson in Seattle in 2019. "Robert Boss", the upcoming second single from MNSN, paints a picture of someone reconciling with their habits, and a few of their attempts to get more out of life.

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