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'Roadkill' - The Burgler | Review

This song is sure to steal some hearts, this vibey single is ht e debut single out of this indie electronic artists upcoming debut album.

It is a smooth mystic blend of LoFi Indie Pop and a groovy electronic beat, wrapped in dreamy experimental-ism, taking inspiration from artists such as Homeshake, Zero 7 and Thundercat.

The lyrics are self conscious in a somewhat harsh way, and talk of accepting and being at peace with our own flawed nature, which can make us more strong and resilient in the future.

'The Burgler' is Ori Kastiel, an Israel based producer, creating a smooth mystic blend of Indie Trip Hop and layback beats, wrapped in dreamy experimental-ism, and may cause involuntary seizures otherwise known as "dancing".

With influences drawn from Psychedelic music, Pop, Soul and Hip Hop, The Burgler's music is groovy and engaging, though the lyrics usually tell of personal stories in a gloomy self conscious way. That contrast defines Ori as a musician and a person, trying to provoke a self dialog.

Ori started creating beats while serving in the Israeli army, self studying programs by trial and error for no reason but fun, not taking things too serious. Years after, when moving to Tel-Aviv, the culture capital of Israel, he stumbled upon a musician friend, and together they took over an old industrial building, transforming it to a musician commune, reviving the city's psychedelic scene.

The experience inspired him to make music in a professional matter and since then he formed a band named Fufu Banana and started creating beats, which later would be 'The Burgler' project.

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