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"Road" by Mark Diamond

Road by Mark Diamond opens with floating vocals and a simple melodic background. Keeping with its chill vibe, it introduces a steady drum beat, giving the song more life and conjuring images of a summer road trip with friends. Road is an uncomplicated song, but it holds lots of life and emotion the more you listen to it. He leans in heavily toward the music that has influenced him (The Beatles and R.E.M among others) while also giving it a refreshing pop twist.

Road reflects Diamond’s positive attitude about music: “Music should make people feel good more than it makes them feel bad. Not necessarily ‘happy’ songs, but songs that make you feel better about life than when you started listening to it.”

Mark lived in Seattle and worked at a coffee shop for four years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. He worked on his music throughout college until he received an email telling him to go back to school. He’s worked in Los Angeles and London with talented writers and producers to craft his songs. He has over 1.5 million listeners on Spotify.

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